Action Toys Machine Robo MR-03 Eagle Robo

I just wanted to put up a quick “first impressions” post on this guy. I just received mine today from Big Bad Toy Store, and boy am I impressed! I’ll share a few pics here, but keep in mind I haven’t taken any “professional” pics yet.

EDIT: I have finalized the images and updated this post. I also had an issue with my figure today, where the right wing outer hinge broke during transformation. I have already sent the figure back to BBTS for replacement. They were very quick to respond to my issue.

The Basics

Package front

Eagle Robo is one of four figures in a new line from Action Toys’ Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos line. The line so far is:

  • MR-01 Bike Robo (aka GoBots Cy-Kill)
  • MR-02 Rod Drill (aka Drill Robo aka GoBots Screw Head)
  • MR-03 Eagle Robo (aka GoBots Leader-1)
  • MR-04 Battle Robo (aka GoBots Tank)

These figures are an homage to the original Machine Robo line produced by Popy/Bandai in 1982. I have listed the names above of the GoBots version of these characters, as well as the original Machine Robo name in Rod Drill’s case.

Eagle Robo comes packaged in bot mode, with the gun parts and the flight stand adapter in the main tray, with an additional shorter tray underneath housing the rest of the stand pieces. There is a decently done instruction sheet with grayscale photos highlighting the parts being moved for the transformation steps, along with an additional addendum sheet showing a couple things to be careful of during said transformation.

Bot Mode

I think the robot is neat, but there are a couple of minor design issues that keep this from being a 10. The main problem is the lack of hiding of the rear tail fins, which cause the lower legs to look much larger than they should. It also hampers poseability with the feet, since the fins hit the ground easily and prevent much in the way dynamic looking movement. It actually helps him stand very solidly though, so maybe it’s not all bad.

Hello world!

Otherwise, this guy is pretty nicely detailed for his size. He stands about 5 1/4″ tall (13 cm). The head is on a ball joint, which is on a forward/backward hinge for some extra movement. The shoulders are also ball-jointed, with some nice tolerances to hold the weight of the gun if wielded, along with bicep swivels and double jointed elbows. He has a full 360-degree waist swivel, ball joints for the hips, double jointed knees (due to transformation), and small ball joints in the ankles. Wrists are on a ball joint, but can only really swivel around or bend downward (again, for transformation). No upper thigh swivels or ab crunches here.

Eagle Robo has a beautifully sculpted and painted head, and has enough paint apps throughout to prevent him from looking too plain (no pun intended). The main bulk of the torso, as well as the feet are die cast, which makes him feel nice in your hand and not too cheap.

Alt Mode

Eagle Robo is an F15 Eagle fighter jet, and has an amazingly clean vehicle mode for a transforming toy. There are 2 small parts-forming bits (not including the missiles), but they don’t appear to be required so you could leave them off if you so wish.

Alt mode (F15 Eagle)
Alt mode (F15 Eagle)

The canopy is a nice shade of translucent blue, with some sculpted details in the cockpit for a pilot. It is fixed in place though, so no tiny pilots will be flying this guy around! The front landing gear folds out from under the nose of the jet, and the rear landing gear from what becomes the back of the bot mode thighs. The missiles attach via small rectangular tabs into the slots on the underside of the wings. There is no real posing of the jet parts, such as the rudder or elevators, and the rear horizontal stabilizers are only adjustable downward for transformation. There is a real lack of paint visible on the jet mode though, which makes for a slightly boring look. A little weathering or some minor decorative decals would go along way to spicing things up.


My first attempt, from bot to alt, took me about 10 minutes just because I was making sure things were going where they should without putting undue stress on anything. Going back to bot from alt was much quicker, and I didn’t need to reference the instructions to do so… maybe 2-3 minutes tops. This figures probably isn’t one of those toys you would want to keep on your desk to fiddle with, but he is simple enough that there are no worries about getting part way through and then becoming frustrated because you can’t remember what to do to finish the job.


The figures also comes with some stand pieces that can be combined in a number of ways for flight mode poses. It can also combine with the parts from the other Machine Robo releases to create a larger stage that would support flying poses for the robot as well. As it is, one set is not large enough to do robot mode flight poses that I can tell. The ratchets on the hinge pieces are strong but easily adjusted, so they can support the figure in almost any way imaginable.

Eagle Robo comes with just a couple accessories aside from the stand. There are 2 missile pods and 2 other parts (the aforementioned parts-forming bits). These 4 parts combine into a gun for the robot mode to hold, and there is an extra tab near the back that secures it in place on the forearm so the wrist ball joint doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the weight.

Final Thoughts

I personally didn’t have any GoBots as a child, so I don’t have nostalgia to bolster my interest in this figure. I am very happy with my purchase however. If the other figures are similar in build to this one, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to get the one (or more) that they think looks cool. They’re priced pretty nicely (around $40-45 USD) and could easily be one of those figures you grab just to pad your cart up to the free shipping threshold set by many online retailers. Even if this is the only figure you get (which is what happened in my case), I still feel he’s worth the purchase, especially if you appreciate good engineering and a super clean jet plane alt mode.

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  1. I love the set up here. You present this figure well and describe it’s features, pros and cons clearly. Well done!

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