ATP Designs ATP-01 Missile Launcher Adapter for PS-01 Sphinx

ATP-01 packaging

My good friend Mike (autotronprime from the TFW2005 boards) has released his first professionally packaged piece, the ATP-01 Missile Launcher Adapter for Ocular Max’s PS-01 Sphinx (and his variants). This simple but genius adapter gives the shoulder mounted missile launcher on Sphinx the range of motion it needs to both look good and allow for more dynamic posing options. Thankfully, this upgrade piece is very easy to install, and I’ll document it here. All you need is a small cross-point (aka Phillips-head) screwdriver.

Tools Needed
Just a small cross-point screwdriver is all you’ll need
  1. Remove the original screw from the missile launcher’s clip (you’ll be reusing this)
    Remove the screw
  2. Take off the old clip
    Clip Removed
  3. Install the ATP-01 using the original screw

An VIOLÀ! You are done. Wasn’t that simple? Now your Sphinx can do all of these wonderful poses without the missile launcher getting in the way. Look out Decpticreeps, you can’t sneak up on him from the right any more!

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