Hasbro Combiner Wars Air Raid (Dolkkar Toyznstuff review)

Air Raid

I wanted to do a quick write-up to mention Dolkkar, a fine fellow who has a YouTube channel dedicated to Transformers reviews. I recently came across his channel and noticed he had a giveaway running so I said what the heck, watched the video and placed my entry. Over the years I have entered many giveaways on YouTube, but never once have I actually won anything. Well this time was different! The contest was for a Combiner Wars deluxe figure, and of the choices given, I chose Air Raid… so on to the review!

The Basics

Air Raid is one of 4 Deluxe-class bots that combine with the Voyager-class Silverbolt to form the mighty Superion. The other Deluxe Arialbots are Skydive, Alpha Bravo, and Firefly. Hasbro came up with fairly ingenious transformation schemes for the Combiner Wars line that keeps them relatively simple to transform, but fun enough for even adult collectors like myself to enjoy. Aside from Alpha Bravo, who is a helicopter, the other three limb-bots transform pretty much the same.

Robot Mode

Air Raid with accessories

Robot mode is nice and tidy (ignoring the airplane on his back lol), with good articulation for a Transformer of this size. The paint work is done well, with enough colors spread around to keep him from looking like a wall of solid color. I’m not well versed enough in the G1 toy or cartoon’s depiction to know whether the ball-jointed head sculpt is spot on, but it looks nice to me. The shoulders should actually sit higher up than my picture above shows, giving him full range of the ball joint there, along with bicep swivels and about of 90 degrees of bend at the elbow. Unfortunately there is not wrist/hand articulation since it’s all molded as one piece below the elbow.

Thanks to the Scramble City vibe Hasbro has gone with for the current Combiner Wars line. The Deluxe sized figures (all?) have a waist swivel due to the fact they call pull duty as a leg or and arm in combined mode. Air Raid has ball jointed hips and almost 90 degrees of bend in his knee, hindered only by the fact that there is alt-mode kibble on the back of his calf. The feet are molded in an A-stance shape though, so you won’t find any ankle tilts here.

Alt Mode

Alternate Mode

Air Raid’s jet mode looks nice from the top, but angle down a bit and you’ll see an entire robot scrunched up underneath. Ignoring that, he looks the part of a sleek jet fighter. The wings are pinned to allow them to extend outwards, or stay tucked up along side the jet. The rear elevator fins can also fold upwards, but that’s really for transformation. You can mount the included weaponry underneath the wings if you want it to look silly (or for storage I guess). The paint work is really nice though, with the shiny silver cockpit followed up by the red, yellow (orange?) and silver stripes along the wing edges and on the vertical stabilizers.

Limb Mode(s)

Leg Mode

Leg mode is basically the jet with a foot stuck on the back and the cockpit area flipped back to make room for the connector joint. The nice thing about these figures is that you can mount them facing either way and it’ll work just about the same articulation-wise, so you can make the combined mode look how you want.

Arm Mode

Arm mode is a bit more complicated, being closer to robot mode in configuration and making use of that waist swivel joint I mentioned earlier. He can be used as either a left or right arm depending on how you attach the hand piece, and you can swivel the “forearm” to face either way as well, though I think having the white legs facing outward probably works better (unlike my picture above).


Figures nowadays seem to coming with less accessories that they did in the Movie-line days of MechTech weapons and whatnot. Air raid comes with a white double-barreled blaster and the hand/foot accessory that can double as a missile launcher. He also comes with an instruction sheet and a comic book.

Dolkkar Toyznstuff

As of the time of this writing, Dolkkar has only 43 subscribers but I’m pretty sure that’s grown quite a bit since I first subscribed. Please give him a visit at Dolkkar Toyznstuff on YouTube, and leave him a nice comment on a video if you like what you see. As a winner of his giveaway, he offered to send me Air Raid either loose, or with the packaging (sans comic book, which he was keeping for his collection). I opted for the packaging, since I tend to keep that sort of thing for the figures I buy.

Full packaging
Comic book NOT included! 🙂

Dolkkar also included a nicely written note in the box, congratulating me on winning the drawing and thanking me for my viewership. I’d like to return the gesture by thanking him for Air Raid and his (hopefully) continued readership of my content.

Thanks Dolkkar!
Thanks Dolkkar!

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  1. That is awesome man. Great pictorial review and thanks for the shout out! I started making review videos because I think it’s tons of fun and has been a great stress release for me. However, getting to know so many nice people, such as yourself Spiff-o-matic, has made it much more. Thanks so much!

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