Valvoline / Transformers The Last Knight promotional mail-in figure – VALVOTRON!!!!

OK, make sure you guys and gals are sitting down for this one. You will soon be witness to the most elaborate promotional mail-away figure you have ever laid your eyes on… VALVOTRON!

So, this figure was available as a mail-away promotion from Valvoline for buying 5 quarts of oil and then filling out the form on Valvoline’s website¬†along with a photo of your receipt. The offer goes through July 26, 2017 and is still active as of this writing.

Team Valvoline promotional website screencap
Team Valvoline promotional website screencap

Bot Mode

Bot mode is a sight to behold. He is crafted of a fine gray plastic, with minimal paint apps to hide the beautifully-crafted details that have been molded into him.

See, I told you to be sitting down. He really is something isn’t he? The wonderfully applied paint apps really help this figure pop.

The attention to detail on the face sculpt, capturing the expression of what everyone who owns this figure must be feeling after opening the box.

The glorious chest, emblazoned proudly with the Valvoline logo and Autobot symbol. TM of course. Those Autobots sure are lucky to have this guy on their team.

The copyright stamps, a necessary evil of any mass-produced and licensed toy. 2017 Par. Pics. and 2017 Hasbro. Did Paramount really feel the need to associate themselves with this figure? As far as I know, he’s not in the movie… is he?

The right arm, the workhorse of most bots. Whether they be brandishing a firearm, pointing vehemently at some Decepticreeps, or just hanging out next to the torso, you can bet that having it shaped like the top of a motor oil bottle will make all foes weep like small children who have just lost their favorite toy (or received this one as a gift).

The left arm, considered by many to be the best arm of those who are the most creative and intelligent. Who are they kidding though, unless it’s shaped like the handle of a motor oil bottle. That’s high class!

Dear reader, I have not forgotten to share with you the foundation of any strong and able ‘bot… the tootsies. This guy has been gifted with 5 (count’ ’em!) toes on each of his enormous feet. Behold the stealthy-black paint that has been lovingly applied to them, to keep them separated from the blandness that is his plain gray lower leg.

And check out those moves! He can really cut a rug with the best of the 4-points-of-articulation bots out there. I think some one step changers have this guy beat on poseability.


The real icing on the cake in the box, however, was the surprise inclusion of some stickers that I can place wherever my heart desires. Some places they recommend are:

  • Car windows!
  • Notebooks!
  • Laptops!
  • Binders!
  • Tablets!

Please note, these are not the only places you may apply your new favorite stickers, but they are some of the best if you want to make all of your friends jealous.


I think I’m going to end this one here, so I can go play with my new Transformer. Wait, can you call it a Transformer if it doesn’t transform?

I need to figure out what he scales best with, so I know where to put him in my collection. Or maybe I should keep him in the closet, inside the box so the nasty UV rays from the sun don’t do any harm to the paint. I think that’s what I’ll do…

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