ATP Designs Wing Panels & jream’s Shin Thrusters for Maketoys MTRM-11 Meteor

Maketoys MTRM-11 Meteor (G1 Masterpiece Starscream) Mods

I recently grabbed myself Maketoys’ rendition of the original G1 seeker Starscream, dubbed Meteor (MTRM-11 in their numbering scheme). This came after news of MTRM-12 Lightning / Thundercracker and MTRM-13 Skycrow / Skywarp were being released soon, so I decided now was the time to upgrade my old Masterpiece seekers to a more toon-accurate depiction (in my opinion).

While not noticeable from many angles, the fact that Maketoys left the underside of the wings like this is a shame

Since I’m a bit late to the Maketoys seeker party, a number of things have been created to help “enhance” the figure. I immediately went over to ATP Designs’ Shapeways store to get myself a copy of his wing panels to cover up the unfinished back/underside of the wings.

I also placed an order with jream of Pro Design on TFW2005 to grab a set of his PD-23 Shin Thrusters.

Read on for my thoughts on both of these releases!

ATP Designs Wing Panels

ATP Designs Wing Panels from Shapeways (frosted ultra detail material)

ATP Designs has created a number of upgrades for many figures over the past year or two and I have a few of these releases for my own figures.

My first quick impression of these pieces is that they are much thinner than expected. This has the unfortunate side effect of them not being nice and flat. This may not be an issue to you if you plan on installing them permanently with glue or tape, but if not that that can be a deal breaker.

As you can see, the thinness of the piece allows for some warp-age 🙁

Once set into place, they do not fit firmly. It is probably designed that way so it doesn’t get stuck when test-fitting and therefore risking breakage when removing. You can hold it in place by folding down the wing flaps as you would during normal transformation.

Wing Panel installed and held in place by wing flaps

As you can see below, the warped nature of the pieces does not make this the preferred method of installation. You can also see how the semi-transparent nature of the material used in the print (the only choice given when I placed my order) does not match well with the color of the figure. I have yet to find a color match to paint these pieces, and plan to update this post once I do.

You can see the edge sticking out a bit here. Note this is not affixed in any permanent manner so some glue should eliminate this.

Though I seem to be going hard on this piece, I am happy and am sure to be happier once I get some paint and glue on it. I appreciate the fit of the piece in general and the panel lining design adds some nice detail. I’d suggest grabbing yourself a set if you don’t mind the bit of work it’ll take to get it installed.

jream Pro Design Shin Thrusters

jream Shin Thrusters (the white along the edge is glare, not missing paint)

If you’ve ever been in the TFW2005 3rd Party forum, you’ve probably come across the name jream. He has been making upgrade pieces for Masterpiece-style figure for a while now. I remember getting some of the panel fillers he made for MP-12 Sideswipe back when he new(er) to the  scene.

In any case, these pieces are nicely produced and painted before being shipped to you. They do not install in any way without something to hold them place however. They sit on the front of the shins where the blue paint currently exists on the figure.

Here you can see the thruster installed next to the default shin design

These pieces do not interfere with transformation in any way since nothing overlaps this area in either mode. You could use some Blu-Tack, double-sided tape, or glue of some sort to hold in place at whatever permanence level you like.

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